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Orange Button OpenAPI

Exchanging project and operational data contributes up to 30% of solar/energy storage project costs, making data exchange more expensive than system hardware.

More than 1,000 solar/energy storage industry practitioners have been calling for standardized data exchange solutions. If you are a software developer, please join the Orange Button OpenAPI open source community and make this vision a reality. Orange Button fully supports the U.S. Department of Energy SolarAPP+ initiative.


Code talks and BS walks!

Orange Button is an open data exchange standard for the solar+energy storage industry. Comprised of information models, a standard taxonomy, and an OpenAPI-based Application Program Interface (API), Orange Button enables the free flow of data between information systems used in the asset lifecycle to decrease costs and accelerate innovation.

Market Benefits of the Orange Button Data Standard

Drive Down Soft Costs for Residential, Commercial, and Utility Projects

Easy Data Exchange

Data standards enable investors, project developers, and asset managers to instantly share data without time consuming manual data entry and validation.

Lower Project Costs

A standardized solar data format significantly lowers the cost of capital by reducing process inefficiency throughout the project development and operational lifecycle.

Extensible for New Technologies

Stakeholders can add data fields and information models to Orange Button to address new use cases.

A Common Language for Solar+Energy Storage Software Developers

Orange Button Offers

RESTful web services OpenAPI

OpenAPI Swaggerhub compatible with JSON encoding

Open source taxonomy on GitHub

Orange Button Editor for navigating taxonomy and making changes

More than 4,500 defined solar industry terms

Harmonized with IEEE, IEC, and SunSpec standards


All of the source code is hosted under the SunSpecOrangeButton organization on GitHub.

Join the Orange Button Slack Channel to stay connected and be a part of the conversation.

Download the Orange Button Fact Sheet.