About Orange Button

Orange Button Reduces Friction, Saves Time and Money

Orange Button minimizes system integration costs by standardizing information models and data elements for the solar+energy storage industry. An example application of the technology is a searchable database of building departments and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction over the solar+energy storage permitting process. 

Orange Button commenced in 2016 with support of industry stakeholders and software developers like kWh Analytics, Clean Power Research, and Aurora Solar. The Orange Buton taxonomy and information models were released in April 2018 and have been updated constantly since then. In 2019, focus shifted to supporting OpenAPI and JSON encoding. By 2021, software developers from Blu Banyan, Ecogy Energy, and the SolarApp project joined in and the community is now blossoming.

Orange Button Offers

OpenAPI RESTful web services API

Open source code library on GitHub

Open Orange Button Editor model and data element builder

Active developer community that meets weekly

Slack Channels for software developers and subject matter experts

Orange Button Community Goals

The Orange Button community has three primary goals:

  • Identify information needed for solar+energy storage business processes
  • Bring software developers and subject matter experts to the table
  • Build open source software, information models, and tools that anyone can adopt

The prospects for open source software in energy are bright. Please join the fun and help us build the market together.


The Orange Button Initiative started as a public/private partnership funded by the  U.S. Department of Energy, the SunSpec Alliance and more that 350 companies that contributed to its development. Orange Button capitalizes on the idea that commercial enterprises in the solar industry will share data with each other in order to achieve operational efficiency and financial gain. The SunSpec Alliance is the original the developer of the technology and the sole licensee of the Orange Button trademark. See the press release here.

US Department of Energy Orange Button Working Group, Taxonomy Definitions, Reference Datasets