About Orange Button

Orange Button is an open data exchange standard for the distributed solar PV industry. Comprised of information models, a standard taxonomy, a standard Application Program Interface (API), and supporting compliance test suites, Orange Button enables the free flow of data between information systems used in the solar asset lifecycle to decrease long term costs and increase innovation.

Orange Button Reduces Friction, Saves Time and Money

Orange Button minimizes data transaction costs by making project data machine readable. Compatible with XBRL, a widely used standard for business information reporting, Orange Button links financial and operational data points with a uniform set of project terms taken from manufacturer product information, contracts, and other source documents.

The first version of the Orange Button standard, released in April 2018, contains about 4,500 solar specific data fields and 5,000 U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) financial terms.

In September 2018, kWh Analytics released Orange Button Translate, software that can instantly convert proprietary data into Orange Button compliant JSON and XML files.

Orange Button tools are free and available to easily move data from one software program to another.

Orange Button Offers

RESTful web services API

JSON encoding

Open source code library on GitHub

More than 4,500 defined solar industry terms

More than 5,000 defined U.S. GAAP terms

Harmonized with XBRL, IEEE, and IEC standards

Program Goals

The Orange Button Initiative has three primary goals:

  • Identify the information needed for financing solar energy systems
  • Define data interchange standards that reduce transactional friction and system integration expense
  • Enable transfer of standardized solar data sets between business partners and related parties

Orange Button provides ready-to-use standards for wide industry adoption, reduces solar soft costs to grow the market, and accelerates low cost development of interoperable solutions. The system leverages mature, widely adopted, and royalty-free standards with broad applicability across the solar project lifecycle to provide significant benefits to all stakeholders.

Orange Button Community

The Orange Button program has achieved several important accomplishments:

Engaged with more than 1,000 solar professionals representing more than 350 companies around the world.

Delivered the Orange Button solar data taxonomy consisting of 5,000 terms.

Defined, delivered, and is currently enhancing the Orange Button OpenAPI.

Developed a network of more than 100 Orange Button Implementers who are working on an even greater number of software solutions.

Operates an active Orange Button workgroup.

How Your Company Can Get Involved

Join the Orange Button Implementor’s Network
Get access to the Orange Button taxonomy and API, market and product requirements documentation, developer resources, training, and support.

Once your company has joined the Orange Button Implementor’s Network, you can participate in the Orange Button Workgroup and help address taxonomy and use cases.

Background and Funding

The Orange Button Initiative is  public/private partnership funded by the  U.S. Department of Energy, the SunSpec Alliance and more that 350 companies that contributed to its development. Orange Button capitalizes on the idea that commercial enterprises in the solar industry will share data with each other in order to achieve operational efficiency and financial gain. The SunSpec Alliance is the developer of the technology and the sole licensee of the Orange Button trademark. See the press release here.