Orange Button Community

The Orange Button Open Source Community is working towards building easy to use Orange Button software keeping scalability and extensibility in mind. The community is open and welcoming to all ideas and contributions that help influence positive growth.

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SunSpec Contributor License Agreement

SunSpec supports the Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for individuals who are providing contributions as a single entity, not associated to an organization and the Corporate Contributor License Agreement to those who are providing contributions as employed by an organization. In which case, the corporate CLA needs to be signed by the organization.

To submit a signed CLA, one of the two procedures can be followed,

Option 1

  1. Download the appropriate CLA
    1. Individual CLA
    2. Corporate CLA
  2. Print, fill and sign the CLA
  3. Scan and email it to

Option 2

  1. Download the appropriate CLA
    1. Individual CLA
    2. Corporate CLA
  2. Fill and submit the appropriate form
    1. SunSpec Individual CLA Form
    2. SunSpec Corporate CLA Form


Code Contribution

Every code contributor is required to agree and sign the SunSpec Contributor License Agreement. Follow the steps outlined below to submit a code contribution.

How to Commit to an Open Source Project

Highlighting some key points as described here.

  1. Identify the SunSpecOrangeButton GitHub project of interest.
  2. Create a fork of the GitHub project and clone it locally.
  3. Add the forked repository as “origin” and the original repository as “upstream”.
  4. Work on the clone and write tests. Make sure to follow the projects contributing guidelines.
  5.  Run tests
  6. Squash commits into a single commit using Git rebase
  7. Push to origin
  8. Create a pull request, from your fork, in the appropriate branch.