Orange Button Demos

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Product Certification Registry

The SunSpec Certification Registry serves as a record keeper for certification information about SunSpec certified products. Using Orange Button to model its database, it allows users to search for products which comply with regulations and are eligible to be installed in their region. The registry also enables States, the Public Utilities Commissions, wholesalers or retailers to create a white list of products.

The Certification Registry is accessible through both a web application, and a RESTful API.

Product Code Registry

The Orange Button Product Code Registry contains registered product code strings allowing them to be standardized throughout the industry. The registry holds name and identifier information regarding entities and their products. The registry standardizes the naming schema for consistency and easy accessibility. These registered identifiers can be used to uniquely identify products in a human-readable form.

The registry is made available as a cloud-based web service that has a RESTful Application Programming Interface (API). The API can be easily integrated with existing systems to access information in the registry.