Orange Button is an open data interchange standard for the Distributed Energy (solar PV plus storage) industry. Comprised of information models, a standard taxonomy, a standard Application Program Interface (API), and supporting compliance test suites, Orange Button enables the free flow of data between information systems used in the solar asset lifecycle. Orange Button has been released to the public.

Available Resources

Orange Button library of projects, hosted under the SunSpecOrangeButton organization on GitHub.

Orange Button taxonomy, hosted under the SunSpecOrangeButton organization on GitHub. This is the canonical source and is for programmatic access.

Orange Button Data Element Reference, released September 2019.

Join the Orange Button Slack Channel to stay connected and be a part of the conversation.

Download the Orange Button Fact Sheet.

Orange Button XBRL Taxonomy Guide, released May 2018.

XBRL Application Programming Interface (API), released January 2018.

Orange Button Training Videos

Taxonomy Review and Commenting

Every reviewer is required to agree and sign the SunSpec Contributor License Agreement. For terminology suggestions or to report bugs, use the form below. Please reference the Orange Button term as it exists in the taxonomy and provide a detailed description of the issue.